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oooh sooo cute!!

Elisabeth Marino

Love this! Sharing on my FB Page, Knitting With Karma. Thanks for making this available! ~Liz

Laura Adams

Thank you! It's such a cute pattern. I'm having fun knitting my way through your second book right now. Lots of little boys are getting monsters this Christmas!

Monique Pyylampi

Hello and thanks for such a cute pattern! What happened between round 49 and 51? I just continued in pattern since there seems to be an error but I guess it might affect the decreases too. Not sure. The end of line 49 had the k27 and kfb but the next increase round has knit 47!

Monique Pyylampi

Yep, frogging frogging... ribbit ribbit. Disregard my previous comment! :)


I loved making this!!! great pattern!!

Fantastic Dinosaur :)

Thank you

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